RUBI, a global brand.

On top of the quality and features of the product range, it is Germans Boada, S.A.’s international marketing work, first undertaken by the company’s founders, that has made it possible to achieve a strong market position and enthusiastic reception by the world’s top professionals. The brand enjoys impressive awareness and recognition among both the distribution channel and users themselves as a result of the efforts made over the years.

RUBI’s high degree of internationalisation – a true strategic focus of the brand – is founded on a global and direct presence in the leading markets, with subsidiaries and branches in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, in addition

to an extensive network of dealers and distributors that are responsible for RUBI’s solid position in over 120 countries.

Thanks to a forward-looking marketing strategy, RUBI is present both in developed and mature countries, as well as in growing markets, where the group is investing heavily to enhance brand awareness, professional training and knowledge, and to provide them with the right tools for their needs.

RUBI’s objective is to maintain and cement its market leadership based on understanding the real needs of users and on excellent service in distribution.