Since its creation, RUBI has always been a brand specialized in quality products and services for the cutting,tiling, maintenance and cleaning of ceramics.

The RUBI® product line is constantly evolving to respond to changes in materials and their applications, to provide construction professionals with a specialized and technically-advanced product line that includes the tools and machines that are needed for proper installation with perfect finishes.


Throughout the world, thanks to the proximity and knowledge of the real needs of professionals, RUBI products are recognized by users as innovative and quality tools, with great durability and with a guarantee and reliable after-sales service.

Historically linked to leadership in manual ceramic cutters, recognized for their extraordinary durability, RUBI also heads, due to its great dynamism, the range of electric cutting, with a wide range of electric cutters of different formats. In addition, as a result of its specialization, RUBI has the widest range of tools and solutions for the entire tiling process, with hand tools, tiling and perforation accessories, security elements and products and accessories for maintenance and cleaning of the ceramic.
For the distribution, RUBI’s value proposition is especially attractive, not only for the range and strength of its brand among users, but also because it is a company with a global distribution, an exemplary service level and a post service. – Guaranteed sale. The RUBI distributors also value the profitability and rotation of the product implementations, as well as the set of added services that RUBI makes available to the distribution channel.
The training of its clients, the product demonstrations in the points of sale and in fairs all over the world, as well as the image and brand communication, are added values ​​of RUBI highly valued by the distribution channel.