The company Germans Boada, SA, RUBI was created in 1951 after the invention by the Boada brothers of a manual cutter for hydraulic mosaic. This new tool, dubbed RUBI, served as a pillar to develop a solid company that currently designs, manufactures and distributes machinery and tools for cutting, placement and maintenance of ceramics.
Its international vocation makes Germans Boada SA a global company, with presence in more than 100 countries and an important network of subsidiaries and branches around the world.

The headquarters of the group is located in Rubí, near Barcelona, ​​and the logistics and industrial center in Santa Oliva (Tarragona). In these latest facilities, recently expanded to 20,000m2, is located the productive plant and the logistics center, equipped with an automated warehouse and with the most advanced technology in order management.

These means, combined with an optimal stock management, allow us to serve the main markets every day, in very tight terms, and thus meet the current needs of the different distribution channels around the world.

In addition to the international service capacity of the group, RUBI offers broad support to the distribution channel, vendor training, demonstrations at points of sale and works thanks to the fleet of mobile units, participation in fairs, promotional activity, support to new deployments, communication in the press and social networks and active presence on the Internet. These are some of the actions designed to ensure a good rotation of RUBI products. However, much of the success of RUBI products is the result of the strength and recognition of the brand among professionals worldwide, who see in RUBI a guarantee of quality guaranteed by a highly reliable international after-sales service.