Culture Building Together

The energy and dynamism of Germans Boada are the result of the collective involvement and commitment of everyone who works for the group.  Eagerness, teamwork and tenacity are just some of the characteristics that are values shared by the entire RUBI team, who work every day to design, manufacture, sell and serve customers around the world, with the goal of continuously improving.

All employees of the Germans Boada group, in every country where we are present, work together in an environment of trust and participation towards turning our mission into a success story based on satisfying the needs of our customers.

The spirit of service and continuous excellence has been part of the company’s philosophy since it began, and its founders serve as a clear example. Today, these values are present in all employees, whether they work in contact with the market or perform industrial or production roles. Regardless of the area of responsibility, excellence, respect and passion for the brand are the main areas of focus for every activity within the Germans Boada group.

Thanks to an equipped, motivated, committed team that identifies with our mission, we can truly say that RUBI abides by its motto “Building Together”.