RUBI and users

As RUBI is a brand that is particularly focused on tilers, we aim to have as deep knowledge of these professionals as possible, since understanding their real needs is a key factor in determining the success of RUBI products. Therefore, RUBI is firmly committed to opening as many channels of communication with end users as we can, in order to keep up to date with their needs, suggestions or complaints.

In addition to the contact resulting from the demonstrations carried out every day, RUBI devotes significant resources to strengthening its presence on the Internet and social networks. Taking advantage of new technologies is a very effective method for bringing the brand closer to its users, where the goal is to act as a source for product creation and the basis of continuous innovation for the benefit of users. Without understanding the reality of professionals, RUBI tools would not be as popular as they are around the world.

The other key aspect in the relationship between RUBI and its users is Club RUBI, the world’s first club for construction professionals. With members from over 70 countries, the club has turned into a sizeable professional community, with a high degree of commitment and participation.

Besides having access to special conditions, Club RUBI members receive regular information from RUBI about the industry as well of other information of particular interest for continuously refreshing and updating their knowledge. In this same vein, RUBI maintains its essential commitment to training by collaborating with schools and professional associations from the industry around the world, as well as offering its customers the RUBI Construction Professionals School.