Innovation and Technological leadership

RUBI’s objective is to maintain and strengthen its technological leadership by means of a strong commitment to research, innovation, design and development. Therefore, RUBI products are devised from a design and creativity standpoint by a multidisciplinary team of engineers, with direct involvement from industry professionals from various countries.

At the group’s headquarters in Rubí, near Barcelona, the teams of engineers benefit from the most advanced technology so as to give them the best development tools. It is in this environment where RUBI products are devised innovatively and creatively, with the priority of satisfying the needs of professionals in the most practical, durable and competitive way possible.

In addition to significant annual investment in R&D&I and

our own high-performance equipment, RUBI also regularly collaborates with international technology centres of renowned prestige in order to encourage innovation in the latest technologies available.

Besides the usual industrial design criteria related to ergonomics and functionality, the design requirements of RUBI products also include sustainability and low environmental impact.

Once they have been designed and tested in real market situations, all RUBI products are certified by international bodies and their design is protected legally as part of the

group’s industrial and intellectual protection plan.