RUBI’s distribution customers are a fundamental pillar in its evolution as an internationally renowned brand. With over 30,000 points of sale around the world, RUBI products are currently present in the main chains of various distribution channels.

This capillary action in the markets is precisely what has made RUBI a renowned brand that is in touch with its users. To that end, in order to facilitate selling our products at all points of sale, RUBI concentrates part of its work on providing its customers with any tools that will help to make the point of sale more dynamic and profitable.

In terms of different promotion methods, RUBI has always made continuous efforts in the area of product demonstrations on-site, at points of sale and at trade shows around the world, with the help of its sales teams and numerous RUBI mobile units. Moreover, customers have access to free training services held at the Germans Boada school and to new product deployments that have been optimised using specific software that makes

it possible to boost the rotation and profitability of product exhibitions.

In addition to all of this, the packaging of all RUBI products follows a line of communication that has been designed specifically to cover that particular channel’s needs, boosting the products’ ability to communicate themselves, thanks in part to using new technologies.