The Germans Boada Group is firmly committed to a sustainable and environmentally friendly development model. This goal has led the company to design actions and internal processes that seek to minimise the impact of its activity on the environment, by promoting the use of recycled materials and prioritising the use of easily recyclable components in its products, such as the Boada Kanguro line, a range of products made from recycled rubber.

RUBI products are designed in accordance with these guidelines and with criteria linked to sustainability and a low environmental impact. This development culture has given rise to RUBI products that are respectful towards nature, with components that are easily recyclable or reusable, as certified by a number of organisations to which the company belongs.

Finally, an internal initiative, the ecoRUBI working group, was set up to raise awareness of the efforts we can make, both professionally and personally, to reduce our environmental impact. This project required assistance from Ecoembes to supplement our information and set out a strategic direction in line with current trends in this area.