Corporate social responsibility

The Germans Boada group is firmly committed to promoting sustainable, balanced and socially just development. The group’s commitment to society is structured around three major lines of work aimed at protecting the environment, reducing social inequalities and promoting the development of poorer countries.

Today, the design of RUBI products takes into account criteria that are related to sustainability and low environmental impact. As a result of this development culture, RUBI products are very environmentally friendly and their components can be easily recycled or reused, as certified by various organisations the group  is associated with.

In the area of logistics and production, Germans Boada cooperates closely with social integration institutions, supporting collaboration with organisations that focus on reintegration initiatives and contributing to the growth of organisations that promote social and labour integration for people with disabilities.

In addition to this, as part of the “Building Together” programme, Germans Boada, the group’s staff, Club RUBI and all its members participate in collaboration plans with various foundations and NGOs in order to work together in support of charitable projects, both locally and in developing countries in South America, Africa and Asia. Under the motto “Building Together”, Club RUBI makes the most of the strength of the thousands of members around the world to help build a better world.