“Construction Tools” Thematic Space

As a way of honouring the construction sector and showing the evolution of tools from the industry, RUBI features a thematic space called “Construction Tools” at its facilities in Santa Oliva del Penedès, Tarragona.  This unique space offers visitors an overview of the evolution of construction tools that have been created by human beings for building, through different tool collections.

The space, which is open to both professionals and the general public, receives thousands of visitors each year who enjoy a visit that is both dynamic and entertaining. The educational setting includes the tool museum, with various valuable private collections and sections dedicated to the company’s origins, a large showroom with interactive areas geared towards school visits, a section dedicated to production processes, an auditorium and an experience area, where visitors can follow instructions from  staff to try out their tiling and mosaic skills.

Visitors, and professionals from the industry in particular, can also perfect and learn the most advanced techniques in laying ceramic tiles at the Germans Boada Professional School.